Helping one another walk together with God.

A Purposeful Walk

Moses entered into the presence of God so often that it changed his appearance to others.  

Moses regularly followed the pattern we've seen here.  He encountered God, worked through his doubts so his trust was real, then he lived out his part of God's plan.  Each time he did this, he took another step in his walk together with God. 

We takes steps in our walk together with God when we Encounter God, Make It Real, and Live It Out as well.  But learning to discern God's call in our lives takes time and practice.  

That's why we have The Path to help us learn.  It's a set of studies, classes, groups, etc. that help us learn God's general call to all of us from Scripture.  As we walk through this path, we start to learn how to recognize God's specific call for each of us every day.
Are you ready to enjoy walking together with God?  Let's take the next step together.


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