Helping one another walk together with God.

Our Team

Whenever we are asked, "Who is in charge," our answer is the same: "God."  We're not trying to be coy or misdirect anyone.  It's simply our approach to leadership and church structure.  Christ is the head of the Church.  All of us are led by God and connected to one another.  That picture forms a team that is dynamic, effective, and alive.

Team Members at Life Bridge were not elected or appointed.  They were engaged, empowered, equipped, and encouraged.  They are accountable to God and to each other.  They are recognized for the consistency of their walk and the ministries where they serve.  This creates an environment that is confusing at first, but, at the same time, refreshing.
Our Team comprises of people who are walking with God, together in unity, and who are responsible for one or more areas of ministry.  The people listed on this page agree to have "nothing hidden and nothing to hide," so you will see information about their walk with God as well as the ministries where they serve. Connect with them.  Get to know them.  Walk with them.


Sundays 10:15am

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