Helping one another walk together with God.

Your Path Book

God has made known to us the path of life.  Your journey, however, has its own path.  It is specific to you.  This is why we make a Path Book available so you can be purposeful in your walk together with God.

A Path Book has tabs where you can keep track of your thoughts when you Encounter God, Make It Real, Live It Out, and Take A Step in your walk together with God.  It becomes a sort of journal of your journey.  You can get one at Life Bridge the next time you drop by the building for a God Encounter or some other event.  We will be glad to equip you in this way for your walk together with God.
MyPathBook.Online is an electronic version of your Path Book as well.  It is a site that works well on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or any other device with a web browser.  You can create an account so it is personalized to you as well.  It provides a catalog of past weekend services, daily devotions, discussion questions, and live it out opportunities so you can go back and take steps that you missed.  It will even have The Path available so you can be purposeful about your next steps in your walk together with God.
It's your path.  It's your step.  It's your walk. 
A Path Book can help your journey.
It can help your family, too.


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