Helping one another walk together with God.

Enjoy the Walk

Depending on your background, it may sound strange that people can enjoy walking together with God.  But the Bible tells us that the fruit of God's Spirit is joy.  We don't need to be angry, afraid, racked with guilt, or hiding from God.  We can walk with God every day with the joy of the LORD as our strength.

This joy in the journey does not happen immediately.  It comes with time and good habits.  That's why we regularly have ways and places to Encounter God, Make It Real, and Live It Out.  That's also why we are making The Path available online so we can always Take A Step in our walk together with God.

This is a personal journey that will affect the people around you, too.  That's why we have more tools in place to help you and your family join with a bigger family as you walk together with God.


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